Sunday, March 23, 2008

Google For Non-Profits

This past week, Google announced a new suite of tools for non-profits.

While I've posted about how non-profits can use Google's shared tools before (here and here), this new announcement is exciting because it shows how a non-profit can use all of Google's tools in an integrated way.

Here's a list of all that Google offers - most of which are completely free to use:

Free Google-hosted email, customized for your domain

Collect donations online and process them for free, with no monthly, setup, or gateway fees

Create and edit documents online and collaborate in real time with staff and volunteers

Organize schedules and publicize events with shared calendars

Understand how people find and interact with information on your website

Google Grants
Reach and engage your supporters through free online advertising

Broadcast your cause to the world's largest online video community

Publish instantly and keep your supporters informed and engaged

Maps & Earth
Give life to your cause by illustrating its global context

Drive traffic to your website and interact with your supporters more often

Communicate easily to staff or volunteers and encourage discussions among supporters

Picassa Web Albums

Create shared photo albums

Google Alerts
Get an email alert each time something new is reported about your sector or industry

Enjoy -


Zennie Abraham said...

Hey Leyla,

I'm glad I saw this as it's good info for small businesses in general!

Leyla Farah said...

Glad you found it useful Zennie. Someday soon my guess is that most non-profits, and most businesses, will use open source apps, rather than boxed ones. Which is good news all around if you ask me. :)