Sunday, July 13, 2008

Marketing vs. Conversation

Social Media Today ran a great post recently dealing with the difference between marketing and conversations.

The core message of the post was:
"Conversations are between two or more people. If marketers want to create buzz throughout the social web then they’d better represent a product/service that exceeds people’s expectations. Otherwise trying to interrupt conversations with a product or service that hasn’t performed well may in fact turn the conversations against you."
This is a key point that many organizations miss when they dive in to social networking. It's not enough to join in the conversation. You actually have to have something to say.

Social networking is not an internet phenomena - it's simply an extension of everyday conversations into an electronic medium. Just like at a cocktail party, if you were to walk up to a group of people that are already talking, you'd come off as odd if you were to immediately start speaking about something that's off-topic. Eventually the group would ignore you, and eventually they would shut you out of their conversation altogether if you didn't stop talking.

If you're trying to draw attention to your organization, project or idea in a social networking environment, begin by listening. Only chime in when you have something valuable to add to the conversation.

It's a good rule of thumb both online and off.


Carter said...

Hello Leyla,

GREAT point about social networking; it really is about contributing something valuable and not "just talking".

Thanks for adding something valuable!

Looking forward to future blog posts...


Leyla Farah said...

Thanks for the comment Carter - glad to see that so many of us are on the same page!