Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Two new tools I love

I've recently stumbled across two new tools that I love that I thought were worth sharing.

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Note: I'm not advertising for these companies/products - and there may be better tools out there that accomplish these tasks (if you know of any, please share them in the comments section) - I'm just excited about them and wanted to pass them along in case others find them useful as well:

1. Press Release Grader:
A simple web-based tool that checks your release for both basic PR mistakes (missing contact details, etc) and generates a word cloud that shows you how your word use appears to search engines - a critical piece of data for Search Engine Optimization. It also gives your release a numeric grade out of 100, and confirms its overall readability. It's an incredibly quick and helpful tool to help you refine your release before you send it out into the world.

2. Pitch Engine:
An elegantly designed web-based tool that allows you to easily convert your standard/traditional press release into a blog and social-media friendly SMR. It's free to use (you incur costs if you want to archive materials or group them into "newsrooms" - both of which are worth paying for if you ask me) and actually turns your press release into something useful, i.e., something that can be shared online.


Update 1/14 - PRN has a press release optimizer as well here. Any other tools out there that deserve to be shared?

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Pamela Seiple said...


I'm glad you find Press Release Grader useful! I also encourage you and your readers to try out our Website Grader, which provides marketing effectiveness scores for websites.

Enjoy the holiday season!

Pamela (HubSpot)