Tuesday, January 8, 2008

PayPal Gets In To The Game

It looks like PayPal has joined the trend of providing badges and widgets for individual users to integrate into their own online profiles. A number of companies - like Network For Good and Chipin - are doing similar things, but the entrance of the financial juggernaut PayPal could change the conversation quite a bit.

A new PayPal Facebook application has popped up which allows users to both create a donation badge and track who else in their network has added the badge to their profiles. It's interesting not only because the average web user is likely to associate a certain amount of information security with the PayPal brand, but also because the Facebook integration allows a user to actually track activity on their network.

Privacy issues aside, this could be a new way for someone working on behalf of a non-profit to actually take full advantage of the network effect generated by online fund raising. Yet another example of why non-profits should be joining the activity on Web 2.0 sooner, rather than later.

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