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Organization Spotlight - Reeling and Healing Midwest

This series of articles is meant to highlight organizations doing great things. Of course, there are so many I could never write about them all. And, of course, I tend to be a little wrapped up with work for my existing clients. That said, I'd still love to use this blog to shine a light when and where I can.

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My thanks to the Nonprofit Blog Exchange for pointing me to the blog of an organization called Reeling and Healing Midwest which champions fly-fishing retreat programs for women who have been diagnosed with, or who are surviving all types of cancer.

I've excerpted a small section below from some recent press they've received to paint a picture of the work they do, and the lives they've touched.

What a wonderful idea - and what a wonderful organization!


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Reeling in the Magic

by Catherine Spader, RN

“Fish on!” It’s the fly-fisher’s motto — the equivalent to Nike’s “Just Do It!” But for participants of fly-fishing retreats designed for people with cancer, Fish On! is far more than a slogan — it’s a mantra.

“I became a cancer survivor the day I was diagnosed,” says Kathryn Navin, RN, BSN, a staff nurse on the step-up cardiothoracic unit at Munson Medical Center in Traverse City, Mich. “Fish On! means I have a life that I need to continue, and that’s why I’m still here.”

Navin is a breast cancer survivor who has been a participant and a volunteer with Reeling and Healing Midwest, a Branch, Mich.-based nonprofit organization dedicated to providing women living with cancer with a one-of-a-kind experience that combines fly-fishing with nature, peer coaching, camaraderie, and support. The new-participant retreats offered in Michigan are open to women in any phase of cancer survivorship, from new diagnosis to remission.

Participants do not need fly-fishing experience to attend the retreats. Women receive expert fly-fishing instruction that allows them to discover a sport they can enjoy throughout their recovery and lifetime. The retreats accommodate participants who have a variety of medical and dietary needs and mobility issues. Retreats include services such as healing touch, manicures, pedicures, and massage. Most important, Reeling and Healing Midwest offers a safe, reflective venue in which participants can share their disease and recovery experiences with other women who have cancer.

Volunteers and participants say magic happens in the fly-fishing environment. The retreats are where hope is kindled and spirits are renewed.

“There is something special about being in that rushing water, connecting with your spirit and with other women, and acknowledging where you’re at in your life,” says Navin.

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