Friday, February 1, 2008

Teaching Philanthropy

Dragon School in Oxford, England has hired a Director of Social Impact and is planning to offer "generosity" classes, which will introduce lessons on philanthropy as an alternative way to give back to the community.

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I think this raises a fascinating cultural question - outside training our own children, how exactly do we as a society train our children to become philanthropists? And how do we give them the tools and information they need to evaluate whether or not their actions are helping - or hurting - others?

For those of us charged with spreading the word about the organizations we believe in - how often do we consciously consider speaking directly to an audience of children? What has your organization done - and what should it do - to specifically reach out to this younger audience?

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manoj said...

By Philanthropy Journal. As stated in a report by Independent Sector and Youth Service America, youth is a driving force in American philanthropy. Americans who volunteer when young are more generous adult donors and volunteers than are those who don’t volunteer when young.

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