Sunday, February 3, 2008

The Value of Video

While many of the presidential contenders are using video as part of their campaigns, Barack Obama's campaign (and I say this only by way of illustration, this is not a political blog) has gone one step further and created a music video.

Those in PR in general, and those doing publicity for non-profits in particular, should stand up and take note of this tactic for 3 reasons:
  1. The video is easy to share. The first lesson of the interactive Web (or Web 2.0) is that anything you create in support of your organization must be easy for your supporters to pass on to their own networks.
  2. The video is compelling. The second lesson of the interactive web is that sub-par creations aren't tolerated. Technology has allowed even amateurs to create high-quality, highly engaging pieces. Anything less won't be passed along the network. Your supporters, no mater how fervent, won't pass along anything that puts their own reputation at risk.
  3. Video is the right medium for the message. This message of hope and human aspirations wouldn't have had the same impact if its message had been presented as a PowerPoint presentation or a bulleted list of talking points. If you're trying to communicate emotion, video is the right medium - do it right, and it will have a larger impact than any other efforts you might be considering.
Video is not a fad. It's emerging as a key message delivery system for both for-profit and non-profit organizations precisely because it so effectively conveys information and emotion in a single package.

How can your organization use video to its benefit? If you already have video assets, are they good enough to ensure your supporters would pass them along to their personal networks? If not, what can you do - now - to change that?

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